Stache - A smarter way to bookmark web pages

A smarter way to bookmark web pages

Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library.

If a page is useful, Stache it!

Say goodbye to cluttered browser bookmarks and overwhelming reading lists.
In one click a web page becomes part of your personal repository of useful information, archived, fully searchable and accessible in seconds from all of your devices.

Essential features

Stache it in a click

Stache pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring in one click with the Stache browser extension.

Visual bookmarking

Screenshots of each page help jog your memory and quickly identify the page you’re looking for.

Collections and tags

Group and organise bookmarks with folders, collections and tags to help you find them faster.

Full-page archiving

Full-page screenshots and web archives are stored so design and content is preserved.

Import & Export

Import and export your bookmarks whilst retaining your folders and collections.

Other features include…

  • Quick-look Page Preview
  • Export Full Screenshots
  • Export Web Archives
  • Browser Bookmarklet
  • URL Scheme Support
  • URL Sharing

“Stache has been the most useful bookmarking tool I've ever used.”

Vladimir Gorshkov

“Long overdue visual makeover for messy bookmarks, thank you Stache!”

Chiara Mensa

“I’ve been waiting for a bookmarking service like Stache for a while.”

Alex Rozanski

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